Communications services for Melbourne


Brightlec Electrical Services has a strong background of data and communications design and installation. We pride ourselves on the use of technology to design and install a cabling infrastructure that is both reliable and futureproof.


Structured cabling and Optical Fibre


We offer a whole range of data cabling for all sorts of workplaces. Copper networks are moving fast to ensure the highest speeds between colleagues and clients. We will ensure that your needs will be met from the day of installation to the years to come in any type of installation, office or factory to in the home.


We can supply, install and set-up cabling, including Internet cables, Ethernet connections, network adapters and sockets, phone lines, CAT 5, CAT 6, CAT 6A, hubs, printers, modems, computers, patch panels and projector screens.


Optical Fibre is the fastest way for our networks to communicate and at Brightlec Electrical Services we can meet all your requirements from splicing to testing. We can install all types of multimode or single mode fibres to keep your network running at the highest speeds available.